Xiaomi is functioning on a new battery tech that would offer higher capacity at a similar volume

Albeit the strategies for charging your phones have developed a great deal, the equivalent can’t be said about cell phone batteries as they have generally stayed unchanged. Yet, presently it appears as though Xiaomi is looking for trouble and they may have a superior solution. In view of a new post on Weibo, the organization has declared its forthcoming High-Silicon Lithium battery tech that guarantees expanded limit at a similar worth.

Xiaomi is working on making smartphone batteries smaller and more efficient

As per Xiaomi, the new High-Silicon battery technology features three times the silicon content on the negative electrodes when contrasted with the current lithium-ion batteries and the new packing technology that shrinks the control circuits. This outcomes in the ability to pack 10% greater limit in a similar measure of volume.

The new battery pack is undeniably more modest than the normal lithium-ion batteries that we see, despite the fact that the limit being offered is something very similar.

While taking a gander at it, a 10% expansion probably won’t seem like it is a great deal, the higher capacity batteries will give cell phone producers to offer better limits without setting aside any space for the battery they are adding into the phone, and making the phones more slender, or indeed, adding more parts in it. Xiaomi has additionally guaranteed that the high silicon battery can likewise expand the battery life by 100 minutes, so the productivity factor is likewise there.

The organization has asserted that it will begin efficiently manufacturing the new batteries in the second 50% of 2022. This implies that we can hope to see them on the phones any time soon. The impending Xiaomi 12 may likewise not accompany the new high silicon battery.