How Farmers Make Our Lives Better?

Gagandeep Singh Dhillon from New York, famously known as Danny Dhillon expresses his support for farmers. Danny says, “Farmers are the backbone of world. They are the men and women who work in the searing heat and bitter cold to put food on our tables and clothes on our backs. They rise with the sun to tend to crops and stay up late to review accounts. They fight off invasive insects and battle unpredictable weather.”

Danny continues, “without our farmers where would we be? We understand the importance of farmers, and we’re proud to salute our nation’s farmers and ranchers for all of the reasons they make our lives better. Despite rain and cold, tens of thousands of angry farmers have been camping on the borders of New Delhi for more than three months.”
In late September of 2020, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government hurriedly passed a set of new farm laws in the Indian Parliament. Soon after, protests started in the Northern Indian states of Punjab and Haryana, which constitute 3 percent of the country’s land area but produce close to 50 percent of its surplus of rice and wheat.

Danny Dhillon further said, “I am a grandson of a farmer and I am proud of my agricultural roots. Agriculture gave people the opportunity to create civilizations, fight hunger and work to combat challenges in population growth and climate change.”

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